Driving Cessation in Old Age: Gender Influences on Mortality


Objective: This study examined health and social support as mediators of the association between driving cessation and 10-year mortality among older men and older women. Method: Data were drawn from a prospective panel survey of 1000 community-dwelling older adults with follow-ups over a 10-year period. Extended Cox proportional hazard regression models were used to estimate the relative risk of driving cessation on mortality. Results: Mortality risk was 1.36 (CI = [1.06, 1.73]) times higher for nondrivers than drivers. This relationship was significantly mediated by health status in the overall sample. Physical health and cognitive health fully mediated the association between driving cessation and mortality among older men, whereas the mediation effects were partial among older women. Discussion: Gender differences in driving patterns may account for the differential mediation effects in the association between driving cessation and mortality.

Journal of Aging and Health
Jiao Yu
Jiao Yu
Postdoctoral Associate

Aging and Life Course, Health Disparities, Machining Learning, Quantitative Methods